Continuing Professional Development – ICCRC-CRCIC

Continuing Professional Development

Every year Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) and Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs) are required to complete 16 hours and 6 hours respectively of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by participating in ICCRC approved activities that are of actual Canadian immigration content.

Please refer to the CPD regulationCPD regulation for information on activities eligible for CPD hours, how to calculate CPD hours, the maximum number of hours credited for an activity, etc.

To improve the CPD activities submission experience and streamline the approval process, we have designed two portals – a Continuing Competence Portal for RCICs and RISIAs and a Portal for CPD providers. Through their portal, RCICs and RISIAs will view the approved activities offered by CPD providers, which are mapped to the profession’s Essential Competencies.

At this time, RCICs and RISIAs can check daily for Upcoming CPD Events offerings. Please retain copies of the completed CPD activities to report in the Continuing Competence Portal once it is launched.


Continuing Competence Portal Launch (coming soon)

RCICs and RISIAs will be invited to:

  1. Log their CPD hours (earned between January 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021) in the Continuing Competence Portal. RCICs and RISIAs must log their CPD hours by June 30, 2021, and before they complete their annual renewal process.
  2. Complete a self-assessment to identify which competencies are relevant to their practice.
  3. Select competencies listed in their Competency profile on which they want to focus this year’s learning (the Competency Profile is generated based on the answers given in the self-assessment).
  4. Click on the Learning Plan to search for CPD activities that are mapped to their competencies (the Learning Plan is generated based on the competencies on which they want to focus this year’s learning).


CPD Provider Portal Launch

CPD Providers can only submit CPD activities for approval through this new portal.

CPD providers who have an active approved CPD activity will receive login credentials to log in the portal and map their CPD activities to the Essential CompetenciesEssential Competencies. RCICs and RISIAs will see approved CPD activities in their Continuing Competence Portal but will only be able to add them to their Learning Plan if providers have mapped the activities to the Essential Competencies.

If your organization has never submitted CPD activities for approval, please email to apply for registration as a new provider.


Informational Webinars

  • RCICs and RISIAs will receive credentials to log into the portal (which will be sent by alphabetical order of their last name) and will be given access to instructions on how to login CPD hours and navigate in the portal. Webinars will be scheduled in June to answer additional questions.
  • For CPD Providers, the webinar will provide information on navigation of the portal, submission of CPD activities for approval, and understanding competency-based education. Invitations to join the May 4 webinar have been sent in the CPD Provider Portal Launch email.



Please contact the CPD Administrator at for additional questions and support.