ICCRC By-law 2021-1 sets out the obligations of RCICs and RISIAs, the Council’s governance structure and processes for regulating the profession in the public interest. Taken together with Council Regulations, RCIC Code of Professional Ethics, RISIA Code of Ethics and Council policies, the By-law comprises a complete code of conduct for RCICs and RISIAs.

All RCICs and RISIAs have a professional duty to comply with the By-law, Council Regulations and respective codes of ethics. RCICs and RISIAs who fail to meet these obligations may be subject to the Council’s complaints and discipline process.

Please ensure you review the current recent By-law and become familiar with its contents.

By-LawBy-Law (ratified by members on December 17, 2020 and amended by the Board of Directors on June 18, 2021)