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For Professionals & the Public

Agents RegulationAgents Regulation

Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Creditor Proposal and Garnishment RegulationBankruptcy, Insolvency, Creditor Proposal and Garnishment Regulation

Business and Business Name Registration RegulationBusiness and Business Name Registration Regulation

Changes in Information RegulationChanges in Information Regulation

Client Account RegulationClient Account Regulation

Client File Management RegulationClient File Management Regulation

Compliance Audit RegulationCompliance Audit Regulation

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) RegulationContinuing Professional Development (CPD) Regulation

Dues, Fees, Fines and Penalties RegulationDues, Fees, Fines and Penalties Regulation

Good Character and Good Conduct RegulationGood Character and Good Conduct Regulation

Logo and Trade-Marks Use RegulationLogo and Trade-Marks Use Regulation

Planned or Unplanned Absence RegulationPlanned or Unplanned Absence Regulation

Practice Management Education (PME) RegulationPractice Management Education (PME) Regulation

Professional Liability Insurance RegulationProfessional Liability Insurance Regulation

RCIC Code of Professional EthicsRCIC Code of Professional Ethics

RCIC Full Skills Exam RegulationRCIC Full Skills Exam Regulation

RCIC Leave of Absence RegulationRCIC Leave of Absence Regulation

RCIC Resignation RegulationRCIC Resignation Regulation

Reproduced Certificate or ID RegulationReproduced Certificate or ID Regulation

Retainer Agreement RegulationRetainer Agreement Regulation

RISIA Code of EthicsRISIA Code of Ethics

RISIA Complaints and Disciplinary Proceedings RegulationRISIA Complaints and Disciplinary Proceedings Regulation

RISIA Entry-to-Practice Exam RegulationRISIA Entry-to-Practice Exam Regulation

RISIA Leave of Absence RegulationRISIA Leave of Absence Regulation

RISIA Registration RegulationRISIA Registration Regulation

RISIA Resignation RegulationRISIA Resignation Regulation

Use of Designations RegulationUse of Designations Regulation


For ICCRC Board of Directors

Board Election Campaigning RegulationBoard Election Campaigning Regulation

Board Officers Appointment RegulationBoard Officers Appointment Regulation

Public Interest Director Selection RegulationPublic Interest Director Selection Regulation